12 Days

by The Khaki Scouts

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Rus Wooton
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Rus Wooton I dig Meg & Dia, and Chandler the Robot, and now Meg's The Khaki Scouts. :)
Christian Davis
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Christian Davis Amazing album. She has a beautiful voice. Favorite track: Campfires.
Andrés D Bevilacqua
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Andrés D Bevilacqua 12 Days is one of those rare albums you'll be listening 60 years from now, and still sound great.
It's just perfect. Favorite track: Keep Calm And Carry On.
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These 12 songs were released for 24 hours each beginning on Dec. 13th leading up to Dec. 25th (x-mas). Hence the name "12 Days" before x-mas.


released December 25, 2012

Meg Frampton- Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals.
Nick Price- Engineer, Drums, Percussion.
Bronk Onion- Upright bass on Do What Feels Good and Who?
Brian Manecke- Banjo on Do What Feels Good and Who?
Patrick Flaherty- Vocals on Do What Feels Good.
Charlie Vela- Mixed & played bass on Money, Money, Money and All For You.
All songs written by Meg Frampton and performed by The Khaki Scouts



all rights reserved


The Khaki Scouts Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Money, Money, Money
I knew a man who was hidden away from the eyes the world near the sea

He took me fishing on his boat one day, rolled his eyes as he sat next to me

He said "darlin', money don't mean that much to me"

I said "Mr. set me free."

I told him bout all things that I loved, all the plans that I had in my head

I told him bout that big house on the lake and I can't stop, cuz I'll sleep when I'm dead

He said darlin your whole life will go by,

and you'll have those pretty things to show but nothing that was worth your time

Baby with your eyes so wide

You're doing what you think is right

but your so, so off, you're so far off

Listen to the old and wise

I've already lived your life

And I ask you at what cost? You don't know the cost

Baby you're so far off

I knew a man who was hiding his heart lost his way as he rose to the top

He had all of the wealth you could want, I guess he just didn't know where to stop

He told me darlin, love is what means the world to me

I said Mr. I can't set you free

I told him bout all the things that I loved all the plans that I had in my head

He seemed to look far off to the west did he listen to a word that I said?

He told me, "darlin your whole life will go by

And you've got not another day to waste another dream to live or die"

Give me the answers I should find

I need the truth in half the time

straight from the horses mouth

And we're the wringing the lessons out

No sugar coating for this girl

I'm the one laughing at the world

I'll get it all worked out

I'm not letting my visions down
Track Name: Into You
I've made a deal with time

we picked a day for me to find

a man to walk with me around the world

a love that reaches round the waist of earth

I'm gonna wait for you
I've got some living to do
I'll soon be falling into you

Don't know when fate will nod
All of those nights forgot
I'll soon be falling into you

I can see what time has

in mind for me, he teaches

at times I feel a rush that leaves me speechless

I'm searching for the pull of my heart, your kiss
Track Name: Singing To Ourselves
He's a man of few words

Says he really loves me

has his own share of troubles

In his little wood shop

never turns music on

just works with that smile on his face

I caught him singing to himself when he was alone
he don't need a fancy house just a home

I'm a girl who lights up

when I turn an old record on

spinning around and around

in my little square room

ceiling blank up ahead

the things i dream on those walls

he caught me singing to myself when I was alone
I just need an honest man for me to hold

He's a man of few words

says he really loves me

laughs about nothing at all

In my old yellow car

I drive till I'm done breathing hard

nothing's as bad as it seems

He sees me struggling for faith when I'm alone
You can't solve this in a day, can we go home?
Track Name: Campfires
You are the earth, the wind, the vessel

You are the road that lasts

I am the the crook, the theif, the hassle

I am the floor that cracks

Fix me up and I will last

You are the rock, the roll, the future

You are the soul that fuels

I am the crook, the night, the moocher

mainly cuz I refuse

to let them use me as they choose

I need you to stay with me but,
I think that you'll run away
What can I give you to stay?

I am the song, the words, the struggle

I keep you on your toes

I promise to always keep trying

to drive the crazies out and let them go

You are the reason I keep going

You keep the will in me strong

You are the one who keeps showing up

even though my troubles party all night long

I need you to stay with me but,
I think that you'll run away
What can I give you to stay?

You think you should stay with me but,
I think that you'll run away
what can I give you to stay? Please stay?
Track Name: Dreams Aren't For Sale
Do you know how long I've dreamed and schemed

All those sleepless nights how hopeless it all seemed

There were times when I could almost taste the future

years ahead where I would be someday

And I was scared and you were there to tell me "Don't you dare stop trying"

You held my face the words escaped "You'll be o.k. I'd never lie to you"

Don't sell my dreams
There are some things money can buy
But it can't buy everything
I won't change my mind
Go ahead and name your price
Give me a million a trillion
And I'll wave it goodbye

I admit sometimes the other side tempted me to try to understand

But all it took was just one step outside the way I've always thought, the way I've always planned

The truth is there's no other way. I have no choice, but the one I've made.

Sometimes there's pain sometimes trouble

I can't help loving what I do each day
Track Name: Endless Nights
Sunday when I met you last spring

I fell in love

You'd give in when I'd pull you close to me

not letting up

When all was good, when all was perfect

sit out on the sidewalk no shoes on

Without no trouble, when things were simple

kiss you till your tired lips moved on

This one's for you
and all your endless nights
If I had one wish, I'd wish to keep you by my side

Years go by your always gone away

you call me home

I wait for you I'm trying to be brave

But it's a long road

My family tree has been cut down

I hold it altogether with tape and crayons

What I have lost, I finally found

I need you cuz my hopes coming around

This one's for you
and all the endless nights
If I had one wish, I'd wish to keep you by my side
Track Name: Who?
You must be hammered

stumbling around town

you feel a little lonely tonight

you used to shine, shine they'd wait in lines, lines

just to see your handsome face in lights

Now you're all washed up and I'm not smiling

about your fortune upon this day

I hate to tell you that I told you so

Your sneaky ways, hooligan days, I look away

And I'll carry on but it's over you are done
and all those women you screwed over, they have won
Now pay the bill look me in the eyes and feel
all our pain just peel away now that you're gone

You must be crazy.

no I'm not dropping

All the love in my life

just for you

I caved in each time now finally goodbye

I wish you well, hope all your dreams come true!
Track Name: Leave You Behind
Told me to wash my hands

And never wander far

I cleaned my soul three times a day

Still caught a broken heart

You had a way with words

I couldn't say them first

Is there nothing left I can do?

If I showed up with nothing but love and a suitcase at your front door
Would you let me in or keep me shivering outside in the cold?
would you hold me close or stand silent
if my question you decline I'll you behind

My mother's always right

Not grateful til he's gone

I hate thinking in hindsight

about what I did wrong

We can still try again

You never learn you said

I learned this time to keep you instead
Track Name: Keep Calm And Carry On
As I stand here now

Look into my eyes

Asked myself a thousand times

Lady why'd you try?

Not so long ago

Change my name each night

Play a different character

Fool them every time

I want my spirit back
where did that woman go?
She ran so far, so wide, to where the great wind blows
She always reached for higher
When fate grabbed from below
I wish she'd show up
I wish she'd show up
I wish she'd show

Life crashes in waves

and I say "Hey, I need a break"

I wave my arms and kick my legs

but I go under anyway.

Where does that leave me now

my clothes tossed in a pile

I've got some songs and my guitar

And that'll last me for awhile

Yeah that 'll last me for awhile

wouldn't change a thing I know I always say that

means the world to me you were always there to

keep me on the road, blindfold and my hands tied sweet oh so sweet
Track Name: The Lonelies
move move move put you out of my mind

sleep sleep sleep another day out of sight

for the first time I can't let you go

I got a case of the lonelies by myself again
I got a case of the loneliness and baby i'm waiting
I thought I would stay busy on the road traveling
I got a case of the loneliness and baby I'm waiting

walk the line nothing like the first one

wind ahead think of times we had

for the first time I can't let you go
Track Name: Do What Feels Good
I've gotta reach down honey

Deep inside of me

I've gotta run from that circus

And the game and the scene

You've gotta take that ransom money

Give away your soul for free

Not me, not me

I get a headache thinking about it

Right between my eyes

Daddy always told his babies

Shoot up straight into the sky

Life is really not so desperate if you think about it twice

Just try, just try

Do what feels good
Why you standing still you got the rest of your life?
If you knew you could
finish what you start (live that childhood dream) would you be wasting your time?

I need to focus on the road

keep my eye on the horizon

Darlin' you need to let go

you and your heart always fighting

The questions always shoving you

into a corner silent Don't fight it. Sit quiet.
Track Name: All For You
Little China man from far away

Left your family back where you were raised

Come to the new land the big U.S.A.

But you'll go back some day

Hopped on the back of a pick-up truck

your son's smile in your pocket to bring you luck

each day your saving up

cuz you'll go back some day

It's all for you.

It's all for you

Little China man comes up to me

Wrings his little hands and drags his feet

brushes a tear away, he can hardly breath

He's got somethin' to say

My wife back home thinks I will not return

My three young sons are all I have on earth

She says I've been gone for years and she's moving on

to start a new life, to live a new song

It's all for you

It's all for you